Rozmax's Dwarves – Teaser

I would like to share pictures of Rozmax’s new dwarves. They are fantastic sculpts and soon will be available. I am working on the second master mold and should have casts off to him for painting. Keep a look out.


Rozmax's Evil Dwarf greens

Test casts

Test Casts of Rozmax's Dwarves

Info: Miniature sculpted by Rozmax. This miniature is not available at present. Leave a comment, and subscribe to email notifications of comments, and we’ll make sure you know the second it’s in the store (we’ll send up a priority email to all those who have subscribed).

Sneak peaks of Rozmax’s WIPs: Troll Forged Forum


2 Responses to “Rozmax's Dwarves – Teaser”

  1. Hi,

    I would like send my order for 3-4 minis and add the Evil Dwarf but is it possible to have it for 4 dollars like the other mini ? if yes I will had it to my order though i dont even play/collect dwarves 😉

    As soon as I have you answer I ll place my order ;0 hopefully soon !

    • I can’t speak for Ed (TFM owner), but being a small company, you usually need to place a large order to get freebies/ discounts. In know a few people have received extra minis with their orders, but these are usually ‘spares/ tests’ as well as being a special privilege for regular customers who are also forum members.

      Shipping rates are low and in the US free is you spend $100 ($200 for world wide).

      Perhaps contact Ed direct using the contact form and see what he says. Please remember that Ed is super busy at the moment with the new plastic development so it may take a while for him to get back to you.


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