Hive Trygon's Alien Wyrm

I have finally put the alien wyrm cast together and placed it in the store. Click the image below for a gallery page of the beast. This is a massive kit with 9 parts. I’m also in the process of finishing the molds for 3 more massive kits, a Dragon, Griffon, and Minotaur. Keep your eyes open, this summer is going to be full of new miniatures. After the next three I will have the demon lord and demon on foot going in the molds.


Here are a few more shots to show the scale of this beast (the figure is 28mm);


Info: This kits is a nine piece model with arms that can be posed in the position you like before assembly. It stands a massive 6 inches tall and does not have need of a base. Sculpted by Hive Trygon.

Buy it now in the Troll Forged Store


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