Updates and eBay

Just to let you all in on the current progress I have a few items in the works to get us some more cash flow. It has slowed progress a bit but I am still waiting for the new spin cast set up to arrive before I can do much with the sculpts waiting for molds anyway.

Large sculpts will still be rtv due to cost and demand anyway but from now on good sculpts will be in the spin frames to allow me faster casting and possible stock for retailers, depending on demand.

I’ve also reworked the alien wyrm, my best seller thus far, for advertising on ebay. My hope is that I can sell several a week to get us extra money and some more attention through ebay. I have not sold our stuff there yet as of now. I think this item might do well there and will open up options for us in the future.

Anyway, sorry for those still waiting but I need to get this project going to create some cash flow while waiting. Plan is to save enough to transition out of my full time job to make TFM the priority and thus faster progress on my end. If not at least buy even more equipment for the future 😉


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