Hive Trygon’s Demogorath – Teaser

The first in my ‘Demons of Legend’ series.

Price will be around $15-20 depending upon how much he uses. Probably a little smaller than a GW Bloodthirster. I think he is about 60mm tall which is about right for a 18 foot tall demon.

For easy, long lasting, molds my plan is dismember it into a 7 part kit: 2 legs around the knee or ankle, 2 arms, tail, lower jaw of open mouth and main body. It will come with a resin decorative base, with some very cool optional effects. There will also be an optional regular plastic bases; 40mm or 50mm square, or round.

WIP Gallery on Hive Trygon’s Blog
WIP Thread (finished post) on Troll Forged Forums


3 Responses to “Hive Trygon’s Demogorath – Teaser”

  1. When is that going to be coming out?

    I’ll have to get one.

  2. I’m shooting to have him done this month and molding in the next few weeks. I will be setting him us for resin “OR” metal also. The main thing is that I’m adding the first demon anti-hero on the same mold along with a few of our other popular sculpts. This is the delay at the moment. I’m very picky about quality and parts fitting well and want to make sure this is a great release for the new equipment.

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