Plastic on hold, need to get going!

Hey everyone,

I’m putting the plastic experiment on hold atm. I’ve been testing so much that not enough is getting done. So while I will not drop it, from now on I’m planning metal and resin until I perfect the process. The chemistry involved is melting my brain. Mixes of wax, polymers, elastomoers, copolymers, you name it. I’ve had several decent casts, but nothing I can do effectively yet. I’m also buliding new equipment (secret/ patent), so probably this summer we might be expecting it. So for now I need to get back on track with TFM and make this a side project.

I am sorry it is taking me so long but there are millions of possible combinations between heated to solvent based casts. I even figured out how to make my own resins so I hope to at least improve that portion of the product list. By the time I’m done I’ll be a plastic chemist.

While speaking of chemistry if anyone knows anyone related to the field I can speak with it might help. I’m going to try a few schools around the area when I get laid off work and see if I can pay someone for a few tests I can’t do here.

That said, while not the best news, I’m even more excited as I believe I can build the prefect plastic for us; even better than what we see now.


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