IceSword’s Trenchers – Release

New range of Trenchers sculpted by IceSword;

“The imperial heavy infantry are usually deployed in the most dangerous of battlefields where their hardy demeanour and robust armour compensates for expected high attrition rates.

Recruited from the border Provinces far from the Alpha cities, their steadfastness is put to good use amongst temperate mountain ranges and thick alpine forests, but it is amongst the trench fields where they garner the most renown.

Their hardy country upbringing has bred a ruggedness that can withstand the horrors of protracted trench warfare: chemical attacks, prolonged bombardment, starvation, blindness and madness.

The nickname ‘trenchers’ is spoken with unease among imperials, having connotations to tales of inhuman suffering and horrific endurance, even whispers of battling undead casualties in the filth of no mans land.”

– IceSword

IceSword’s Trenchers @ TFM Store


4 Responses to “IceSword’s Trenchers – Release”

  1. I’m just waiting for next payday before ordering some, they have a great feel to them! Hope the different head options will be released soon too!

    • The ‘random pick’ in the store includes all the current Trencher heads in the range, along with the gasmask and sergeant heads.

      • That is brilliant! I think I will order some of the gasmasked ones. But I was thinking more about the other heads Icesword has shown on the forum. The ones he made for the mercenaries? I think some of them might just make these threncers go from great to perfect!

  2. Hi Agger,
    He is shipping all those out to me soon and I should be able to get through my backlog by the time they show up and dive right into them. I’m not 100% sure of the head size on comparison, may be Ice can do one for us before they get shipped off?

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