Technoscream’s Graven [Robotic Infantry] – teaser

Technoscream (Steven Gravener) is TFM’s pioneer in the use 3D Printing. His first miniatures hot of the press are the multi-part ‘Graven’ (robotic infantry).  In keeping with this high-tech feel Technoscream come up with the idea of ‘virtual greens’ for this teaser;

“Durable & deadly, the infantry of the fully robotic race known as the Graven are more than a match for their attackers this day. The air crackles as arcs of destructive energy from the machines powerful electron particle weaponry ravage enemy infantry and vehicles, leaving only charred bodies & twisted armour in their place.”

– Steven Gravener

Work in Progress: Project: GRAVEN – Robotic Infantry @ TFM Forum

Shots of 3D prints before being sent of to TFM


9 Responses to “Technoscream’s Graven [Robotic Infantry] – teaser”

  1. Mr Grigson Says:

    Big chunky body… iiiitty bitty head. And no idea why it would be levering such a massive weapon so far away from itself. Not bad for a first run, though.

    • Anti-grav 🙂

      They’re multi-part so you should be able to adjust this to your taste.

    • I love the itty head. And techno powered super strength plus mathematical targeting? I like it.

    • Well, as it’s a robot we have no idea how strong it is… I imagine the position to be an anti-recoil thing…

      • Mr Grigson Says:

        The other issue I see with this pose is that unless the figure is metal and the weapon is resin, that whole sucker is going to be rather front-heavy. Based on the latest trenchers release, though, it’s safe to hold out that hope.

      • @M Grigson, I agree it’s a massive weapon but I want my sculptors to get what they want to an extent. I believe overall it’s a very nice figure and I’m sure I can find a way to make it work out. You could always use the gun for something else and replace this one with another, no worries. 🙂 Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Really like the look of this figure

  3. Technoscream Says:

    Hi all, I’m the designer!

    Firstly thanks for all the kind comments.

    To explain the large weapon, please note this is the heavy weapon option for the range of models, most of the other weapon option are of more reasonable sizes.

    I understand Mr Grigsons concerns of balance, but please remember this is a futuristic robot with extreme strength, it can cope with the unusual weight distribution! That said, the model is multi-part, so you can always adjust the pose as you see fit.

    I actually sculpted this exact model before 3D modelling it (to produce the varying poses) and I can confirm that I have no issues with is being unbalanced/front heavy.


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