Ed has put the finishing touches to ‘Trollcast’ a new spin castable plastic – a hard (80D) custom mix containing high impact polystyrene. It is much harder, and tougher, than resin. Heat resistant up to 200F, and can handle prolonged exposure at 150F (so our Australian friends should not have any problems during the summer). It can be super-glued together, and takes standard miniature paints.

The Trollcast material will replace both metal and resin in our range. The cost of metal has sky rocketed, pushing up prices across the industry (even big players are dumping metal). Resin is good, but it turns out that the new Trollcast plastic is far better.

Here is a video showing the heat resistance (and later some close ups of the miniatures, that really shows off the detail that can be achieved with this new material).

Controlling costs (Ed’s figures) will also allow us to continue with our grand experiment, taking on new sculpting talent, and offering the highest quality casts at very reasonable prices. More info and updates can be found over on our forum: Plastic is GO!!!!

Edit: new break test video


7 Responses to “Trollcast”

  1. The miniatures look really excellent.
    However, I noticed that the miniature in the still picture, where it is being held in someone’s fingers, there are pits near the bottom of its loin-cloth which have been caused by air bubbles during the casting process.
    This type of fault needs to be eliminated otherwise it will spoil what are really good, detailed miniatures.

    • The fingers are Ed’s. You can compare the above still image to the resin version. It seems the loin cloth is supposed to have holes in it. Having said that, I think there may be some pits on the mace, or bits of vent, but I really need a bigger picture to see the details properly. Knowing Ed’s perfectionism, I’m sure the casts for the store will be top notch.


  2. There are flaws on these yes. This is a beta run or test run. I am or was tweaking the mix. My final mix should be perfect now and I’m running the last tests this weekend before releasing the new product for consumers and contract casting.

    I am very dedicated to casting quality and want to test everything before this hits the market. There will not be anything like that on the figures when I finalize the mixture.

  3. Those look excellent – I love the heat test, I don’t know if it’s the oven you used but it reminds me of Mythbusters 🙂

    Also, for the record ‘trollcast’ is such a cooler name than ‘finecast’.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Gallahad Says:

    Great move Ed. Will you be releasing old sculpts in the new Trollcast material? Or will this only be moving forward? You are a master craftsman.

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