Bocks’ Alien Behemoth – teaser update

Bocks has now finished his Alien Behemoth – enjoy!


13 Responses to “Bocks’ Alien Behemoth – teaser update”

  1. How big is this thing exactly? If it is the size of a Hive Tyrant, I will leap for joy. If not, I will still get one. 🙂

    Any estimate on when it is coming out?

  2. Alex Johnson Says:

    I was thinking of converting it into some sort of Tyranid monster, probably a mutant-strain of carnifex (Old-One Eye) or something to that effect. I guess it would depend on the size and the price of the model.

    • No idea of the price, but Bocks (see above) says he’s about 75mm tall. When it is released I think it’s going to be in the new Trollcast material, so it may be very reasonable.

  3. Still no info on when it’s coming out?

    • Nothing definite. Ed is changing over to the new ‘Trollcast’ plastic and it is proving to be a lot of work. Hopefully there will be some news soon – as Ed is gearing up for another batch of releases. I do not know if the Behemoth will be part of that release. Fingers crossed.

      As soon as it is available I’ll post it on the blog.

  4. tabletopfix Says:

    Anything new? I’m waiting 🙂

    • I just came out of the hospital with pneumonia and while the figure is ready have not had time to get shots of the resins. The new plastic set up is taking me a little time right now to set up our up coming sets of boxes as well which I want to have this in as well. Plan is for a plastic version in my spin caster and I’m on the edge of making it a glue capable product so trying to hold on a little longer. There around 30 new fantastic figures ready to go but I’m waiting for this new process to be 100% because people are going to enjoy them so much more.

  5. tabletopfix Says:

    Good to hear you’re back on track! And 30 new releases sound very good, too.

    Feel free to send us a sneak preview 😀

  6. tabletopfix Says:

    Hey, how is it going? Any news about the Behemoth and his 30 friends?

    • The Behemoth is out to Bocks and getting painted by him so soon as he gets me pictures we will have him up for sale. 🙂 The other releases are in the new plastic which I’m working on the equipment for still. I could not get the parts I needed just here in the USA so some were coming from Germany etc. Soon as the first machine is done I can probably begin running it while building the second but the minis are evil dwarf, orcs, elves, and humans all new with a few reconfigured old items in the new material for better prices. 🙂

  7. Impressive….. can anybody tell me in how any parts he will get cast ?

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