Under the surface…

Things are hectic at TFM.

Quote: Ed – TFM forum – June 7, 2012
I’m trying to get Defiance Games running on their bugs have cast around 5,000 parts in the last 2 days but a lot of work to do yet. This will be a great job if all goes to plan. It will allow me to get away from the day job so I’m putting a lot of energy into this atm. Soon as the first HUGE hump is clear I’ll have a lot more time here, cross fingers everyone. 😉

EDIT: total casts today, 6,795 in 2 days. Soon as the new machine is operational it should increase. 😎

Ed is really pushing this forward, adding a company service string to the TFM bow, to ensure we are in strong position to support our sculpting community. This is not the first time Ed has cast miniatures for other companies, but the plastic ramps up capacity and makes TFM a more attractive option for companies.


3 Responses to “Under the surface…”

  1. I hear there is a Beholder in the works… any news on when it may be released?

    • Nothing definite. It’ll probably be released with the next wave of miniatures for the store (once the second plastic machine is up and running, and Ed has finished up the Defiance Games bugs).

  2. joyschoenberger Says:

    OK, thanks!

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