Bocks’ Alien Brains – Trollcast (Box Set)

TFM are pleased to announce the release of our first Trollcast Sci-Fi Box Set: Bock’s Alien Brains!

Trollcast Alien Brains

6 Trollcast Alien brains, sculpted by Bocks

There are 6 Trollcast Alien Brains in this box set, which work out at half the price of our metal and resin variants per brain. In the box you’ll get 6 x random Brains, 6 x 40mm bases with flying stands.

An Alien Brain’s body is 65mm from the tip of its tail to the topmost point of it’s back/neck spike (please note that the head will not add any more to this height as it sits below the back spike).

Head over to the store for more info on this amazing deal.

Bock’s Alien Brains Box Set @ TFM Store

PS: Aside for the random deal, there is an option to choose one head type for all the brains.
PPS: Update – Trollcast Alien Brains are now available in singles.


3 Responses to “Bocks’ Alien Brains – Trollcast (Box Set)”

  1. While the price is great and all, do people really need 6 of these?

    Still waiting for the behemoth…

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