New Plastic

Ed has developed a new plastic mix, which contains high impact polystyrene.

This new plastic will be used for larger scale sculpts (garage kits) at first.


4 Responses to “New Plastic”

  1. A quick question, how difficult is it to clean the material from mold lines and such?

    • According to Ed it’s very easy to cut. It’s like cutting plastic I guess.


      • Cool! I might get some samples soon then. Is Ed planning on casting everything in Trollcast, or will there also be stuff still done in metal and/or resin?

      • New stuff with be in Trollcast, but the older miniatures will still be available in their current material (metal/ resin). Some highly popular miniatures from the current line have been updated to Trollcast (like the brains, the grubs, and armoured goblins), and others may be updated if they continue to prove popular!

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