First stretch goal unlocked!

Our supporters have unlocked the $12,000 level! This is great news as now everyone can add a grub worm ($2), a hound ($4), a host ($5) or a limited edition host ($6) to their pledge.

Free stuff: The higher pledge levels will receive one, or more, hounds for free, along with a Limited Edition (LE) Host for free;

  • The Host level ($50+): 1 hound + 1 LE Host  for free
  • The Swarm level ($110+): 2 hounds + 1 LE Host for free
  • The Queen level ($200+): 3 hounds + 1 LE Host for free

This is in addition to the Limited Edition Grub (larger version of the grub, about 50mm tall) that already came free with these premium pledge levels.

Even more free miniatures are coming to the higher pledge levels when we hit the next stretch goal!

Alien Hound

Thanks to everyone who has pledged and made this possible. The grass roots support has been fantastic: please continue to get the word out. I’m sure now that the first stretch goal has been reached, unlocking all that value, it will not be long before we power onto the next goal and unlock the Sky Hunter @ $15,000.

TFM’s Kickstarter: Assimilation Alien Host


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