Alien Hunter Troops – Kickstarter Pledge and Addon

These are military trained troops with the mind set, and gear, to hunt down and destroy alien forces. They fight in small, well armed, groups with a wide range of gear and weaponry. Padded armor to protect from the harsh elements of Terraforming worlds/ subterranean lairs, and other nasty things such as acid sprays, flesh eating enzyme saliva, etc. Their light armor allows for rapid deployment, quick manoeuvres, while their heavily weapons rip through the tough chitinous armor. Firepower is everything! Especially when facing big critters (AP explosive), and hordes of screaming grubs (large magazines – reload between waves!).

Alien Hunters

You can add a unit of 15 Alien Hunter Troopers for $29, or the amazing deal of $40 for 30 troopers. All Troopers are Trollcast, and come with a Slotta Base. If you just want to pick up a couple of these minis you can add them to your pledge at $3 a trooper as well. We’ve also added a couple of pledge levels for these Troopers: $15+ Alien Hunter Pack (5 Troopers), and $Alien Hunter Unit Deal (50 Troopers).

3 poses are available right now.  This becomes six poses if we hit the $18,000 stretch goal, and a heavy weapon specialist is unlocked at $30,000.

Alien Hunter Update Page
Main ‘Assimilation Alien Host’ Kickerstarter Page


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