Third stretch goal unlocked!

The third stretch goal was knocked down this weekend, unlocking the Alien Queen. This beast will be a large sculpt 54mm tall, and around 80mm long.

Queen (type 2)

The Alien Queen can be added to all pledge levels for $15. In addition there is a price drop for add-ons; all pledge levels can add a Hound at $3 and a Sky Hunter at $6, and the worm grub down to a mere $1! (yes that is correct!). Everyone who has pledged so far may wish to manage their pledge!

Premium pledge levels receive more free miniatures;

  • The Host level ($50+): an additional 3 hosts
  • The Swarm level ($110+): will get the bonus of a free flyer, 1 hound and 3 more swarm adults
  • The Queen level ($200+): will get a free queen and 3 more swarm adults

Please note that these new unlocked free miniatures stack with the previous unlocks, and are in addition to the free miniatures for the Hound and Sky Hunter stretch goals. Here is a handy table (thanks Trodax!) showing all the bonuses and add-ons for the current (will be updated!) stretch goal.

[Kickstarter Stretch Goal Table]

More news: This goal also unlock 3 more variations of the Alien Hunters, for a total of 6 total trooper variations. These figures will be sculpted by another artist so thus the extra funding to reach our goal.


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