Fourth stretch goal unlocked!

The monstrous Alien Wyrm has been unleashed! Along with the Wyrm, the fourth stretch goal unlocks a new add-on: the Alien Hunter Dreadnought.


The Wyrm can be added to any pledge level for $20 (if you have already pledged you can click ‘manage my pledge’ to add the extra). The Wyrm is 4-5″ tall in the table top.

Price reductions: The host miniature, as an add-on to your pledge, is now $1, while the swarm adult is now $2 per miniature!

Free stuff: Premium pledge levels receive more free miniatures;

  • The Host level ($50+): will receive a free Sky Hunter.
  • The Swarm level ($110+): will receive a free Queen.
  • The Queen level ($200+): will receive a free Wyrm.

Please note that these new unlocked free miniatures stack with the previous unlocks, and are in addition to the free miniatures for the Hound, Sky Hunter, and Queen stretch goals. Here is a handy table (thanks Trodax!) showing all the bonuses and add-ons for the current (will be updated!) stretch goal.

[Kickstarter Stretch Goal Table]

Alien Hunters Dreadnought: With the addition of 2 large alien the hunters are going to need some extra firepower as well as armor. Pick up a dreadnought for $25 (add extra using ‘manage my pledge’ button on Kickstarter). The Dreadnought will be mounted on a 50mm base, and comes with 2 close-combat weapons. When we reach stretch goal #4 it will unlock ranged weapons.

Alien Hunter Dreadnought (revised leg armor)


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