Ninth stretch goal unlocked!

Our Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter has hit $36,000! Unlocking the Overlord as a $30 add-on ($45 Overlord pledgers may want to manage their pledge!), and also unlocking the Swarm Master.


Add-ons: Overlord $30, Swarm Master (also referenced as ‘Swarm Leader’) $10

Free stuff: These pledge levels receive more free miniatures;

  • The Host level ($50+): +1 Stealth Swarm Adults, +2 Swarm Adult Warriors.
  • The Swarm level ($110+): +6 Larva Swarms, +1 Swarm Master
  • The Queen level ($200+): +1 Swarm Master, +1 Overlord!

Please note that these new unlocked free miniatures stack with the previous unlocks, and are in addition to the free miniatures for stretch goals 1-8. Here is a handy table showing all the bonuses and add-ons for the current (will be updated!) stretch goal.

[Kickstarter Stretch Goal Table]

The next goal $38,000 is a mere $2,000 higher! We can do this!!!

Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter


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