Twelfth and final stretch goal unlocked!

Our Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter has hit $42,000! Unlocking the Carnage Hound –  The carnage hound is a massive, bloated, muscled beast. It requires a 80mm base. The creature has grown massive eating and absorbing alien DNA from many variations of creatures. The bursts of speed from the creature are surprising due to it’s size.

Carnage Hound

Carnage Hound

Add-ons: Carnage Hound $15

Free stuff: These pledge levels receive more free miniatures;

  • The Swarm level ($110+): +1 Goliath Wyrm
  • The Queen level ($200+): +2 Carnage Hound

Please note that these new unlocked free miniatures stack with the previous unlocks, and are in addition to the free miniatures for stretch goals 1-8. Here is a handy table showing all the bonuses and add-ons for the current (will be updated!) stretch goal.

[Kickstarter Stretch Goal Table]

No more stretch goals, times to sort out your pledges! – edit: Ed added a new stretch goal while I wasn’t looking, $44,000 unlocks the Queen’s Guard and more free stuff for Swarm and Queen pledges, and a special thank you prezzie for all those pledging $25 and above.

Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter


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