Trade Calc – Queen Level

I’m working on making the survey system for our Kickstarter easier to manage for Ed and Brian, and all our Pledgers. Our Kickstarter allows for trades (and specials) which the usual Kickstarter survey cannot handle.

I’ve posted up a prototype ‘Trade Calc‘ page for the Queen level. It allows you to generate a ‘Trade Slip’, for a Queen pledge, which details everything you wish to trade out – and calculate the amount of  credit you get for those trade ins. This ‘Trade-In Credit’ can then be used to buy miniatures at their add-on price (prototype ‘Add-On Calc‘ page).

The Trade Calc page also handles options (currently it shows the Swarm Master variants), so even if you do not trade: you can use it to specify which variant of a multi-variant miniature you wish to have.

I’m also working on a ‘Pledge Calc’ which allows you to manage your pledge in more detail – it handles multiple pledge levels, shipping, specials, and trade-in credit. It will probably be combined with the prototype ‘Add-On Calc’ page, to keep it all together, and will to generate an all in one ‘Pledge slip’.

Eventually you’ll be able to submit these slips directly to Ed – using a custom contact form on this blog. The format of the contact form will include a section to paste in your ‘Pledge Slip’, and several more sections to append all your ‘Trade Slips’. This keeps everything together, in a standard format, which (hopefully) will make everything a bit easier!

Your feedback is welcomed 🙂

Trade Calc – Queen Level
Add-On Calc
Our Kickstarter main page
Comments over on our Kickstarter


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