Pledge Manager [Prototype]

As you may know I’m working the survey system for our Kickstarter, as the built in Kickstarter survey is not up to the task.

The next stage in this development is the new Pledge Manager – which combines the (never released) Pledge Calc (the top bit) and the prototype Add-On Calc (the bottom bit). Sandwiched in the middle is a space to input the total of all your Trade Slips.

There is still only one ‘Trade Calc‘ page – and that’s for the Queen level, and soon this will be revamped for use with the Pledge Manager. When I have the design and system for the Queen version I sorted out the rest of them.

I’m also looking for a way to post the trade slips directly into the Pledge Manager – unfortunately the ‘textarea’ cannot handle formatting, so I’ll probably use TinyMCE or nicEdit. If this works out the Pledge Manager can spit out a ‘Pledge Slip’ that contains everything, even the trade slips!

Your feedback is welcomed 🙂

Edit: I’ve updated the pledge manager links to point to a more complete version that was was posted much later after this post (so this post does not make too much sense in regard to the new Pledge Manager, as it includes all the components discussed above).

Pledge Manager
Trade Calc – Queen Level

Our Kickstarter main page
Comments over on our Kickstarter


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