Fiend WIP

Ed has been busy sculpting the Fiend for our Kickstarter;

Ed says;Ok so not to scare you but I did a little bit of changes to the fiend but they are for the better I think. I’m super happy with the base now. I made the mouth so you can use it this way OR add the pincers and tendril or just the tendril. I’m sculpting the final stage of the pincers now so they fit in the mouth 2 parts. The new mouth will allow you to turn them also and get a lot more variety.

I sculpted the armor plated head to appear as if it’s almost like antlers and there is a spine like mass on the back of them in green stuff which is a bit hard to see. I also added the wyrm so you can get an idea how big this one is in comparison. Now back to sculpting. Next I’ll show some infantry sculpts.

Kickstarter update post: The Fiend modular preview 1


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