KS WIP – 2nd Swarm Adult

Kickstarter WIP update;

Ed saysOk not sure how many of you remember the adult swarms and how they grow into the battle swarm warriors but here is a variant for you to see how they change. Some get more close combat type weapons while others develop systems to spout acids etc. This guy is just starting to grow his shell. They also grow larger as they begin to transform and become slightly less “soft”. They become more like insects and get tougher hides etc. This guy here is on his way but still in the low adult swarm level. If it survives long it enough it will change even further.

I still have some very minor work I want to do to this guy yet but it’s 99.9% completed. I will be cutting the adult swarm heads and making sockets so you can interchange the 3 different heads as well.


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