KS WIP – Queen wip 99% finished!

Kickstarter WIP update;

Ed saysOk sorry it took so long I was sure I’d be done faster with this chick but as I began the arms I was not happy and scratched them. I decided to go with new arms that are yet to be sculpted but in place now and will be finished this week. The queen guard with the long fingers is what I plan to do with her as it will be much creepier.

Now onto small changes for explanation. The head is the variant head you see now, the other will also be included so don’t worry. The front set of legs I felt would work better for her is they had a second set of joints so she could pick up things with the front set etc.

Body was a little to thick for me and I wanted a slightly thinner look more scorpion body and think she is perfect, hope you agree. The last stuff I have to do is the underside which will get done after I remove the legs which slot into the body. She has tendrils in the chest which I made more breast like and the pod opens to draw in prey which breaks down into DNA to make eggs fertile.

Hope this was worth the wait for you she was the most difficult to plan for all of these sculpts by far but now that she is almost out of the way things should begin to move at a faster clip. Thanks again everyone and I’ll get some mold shots etc. this week. I leave you with a few very close up shots also. 🙂



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