KS Trollcast – Grub Worms

Kickstarter WIP update;

Ed saysHere are examples of the grubs glued quickly together, no clean up. I snapped a set off and glued them to bases just as examples for you. We are casting up loads of wave one stuff right now and I’m fairly certain I’ll get the queen in there also. She was the most complex of all the figures honestly. Took me a lot longer with her than expected.

Anyway here you can see some shots of them and also a big stick of grubs spun up. We stack these onto pegs for them to take up less space as we work. I’m sorry I have yet to get to all the emails and questions. I’m extremely busy getting your wave one stuff all molded and cleaned while still sculpting for wave 2 and 3. If all goes well we might just need 2 waves.

Thanks everyone and I’ll get pics of the queen next with arms and her other head.


One Response to “KS Trollcast – Grub Worms”

  1. Hey Ed, really nice to finally see some of your own stuff cast again! Kick ass! 😀

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