Assimilation Alien Host – Enquires


This contact form is for enquires relating to our Kickstarter project: Assimilation Alien Host

If your enquiry is not about this Kickstarter, please use our regular contact form.


  • Do not use this form to submit pledge slips (destroys formatting)
  • For more info on Order of Fulfilment please read update #101
  • For more information about buying/ selling pledges please see our ‘Pledge Market‘ page.
  • Our PayPal transaction ID will not match your ID. We need your PayPal name to track it down.

Thanks for supporting our Kickstarter!

AAH Contact Form

Please fill in all required information. Please use your real name if contacting up about PayPal.

If you do not have a Kickstarter user name and email you can leave these fields blank

You can also contact us through the ‘contact me‘ link next to Ed’s photo

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