Hello, and welcome to the blog for Troll Forged Miniatures. I started this little project to begin a life as a sculptor and quickly saw new aspiring artists struggling as I did. To make a long story short I began to reach out and help other artists and the little project quickly became a big one.

We are growing very quickly and I’m now even buying new equipment to keep the project running and growing more. I strive to improve quality, production, and designs with each sculpt I do myself, or the molds I make for other artists.

My dear friend Philip Sibbering has done so much for me over at the forums and even set this wonderful blog up for me. He has a massive project of his own, WarSpike, on his hands yet still finds time to help me. Check out WarSpike and the man behind the system here: WarSpike

Best Wishes

Hive Trygon (a.k.a. Ed)

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