Kickstarter Stretch Goal Table

This award table is for our Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter, and details of all the extras unlocked by the current stretch goal – stretch goal #15 ($54,000). This page will be updated every time a new stretch goal is reached. Each stretch goal unlocks new miniatures, and as a bonus The Host, Swarm, and Queen pledge levels receive free miniatures. The first column (left) lists all the miniatures available in this Kickstarter,  the next three columns  lists the number of each type of miniature a pledge will receive, and the last column lists the add-on price for each miniature (for all pledge levels).

Alien Miniatures Host
Grub worm (example) 13 30 43 $1
Swarm adult (clawed) 8 15 15 $2
Host 6 10 15 $1
Swarm adult warrior 5 5 15 $3
Limited edition Host 1 1 1 $6
Hound 1 3 5 $3
Sky hunter flyer 1 1 3 $6
Queen (variant) 1 1 1 $12
Wyrm (WIP) 1 1 1 $20
Fiend 1 1 1 $20
Stealth swarm adult 1 5 5 $4
Larva swarm 6 5 $5
Drone 1 1 $30
Swarm Master (v2, v3) 1 1 $10
Overlord 1 $30
Cannon Drone 1 1 $30
Goliath Wyrm 1 1 $40
Carnage Hound 2 2 $15
Queen Guard 6 $6
Egg Nest (20 eggs) $15

Alien Base Upgrade
Upgrade to all decorative bases* $25 $30 $35 NA

Alien Hunter miniatures

AH 5


AH Unit


AH Pack


1 Alien Hunter (6 variants) (WIP) 5 50 40 $3
15 Alien Hunters (random mix) $29
30 Alien Hunters (random mix) $40
Heavy Weapon Alien Hunter 10 $3
Heavy Weapons team $10
1 Power Armoured AH $5
10 Power Armoured AH $45
Dreadnought** $25
Dreadnought double bundle*** 1 $45
‘Alien’ Alien Hunters (2 poses) 2 $4

AH Base Upgrade
Upgrade to all decorative bases* $25 NA




Limited Edition Grub 1 1 1 $6
LE Egg base 1 1 1 NA
Bonus Present*****
Trade Credit ******

* This will upgrade all the slotta bases within the pledge (Host, Swarm, Queen, or Alien Hunter Pack) to decorative bases (examples: round, square, more designs to be posted later). Please note that you cannot trade in miniatures to buy the upgrade. The upgrade applies to all miniatures in the pledge it upgraded (and yes, that does include any miniatures you got from trading using the original miniatures that came from the pledge you upgraded).

** Dreadnought includes 1 Dreadnought body + 1 claw arm, 1 saw arm, 1 pump gun, 1 flamer, 1 ion blaster, and 1 grenade launcher

*** The double bundle includes 2 Dreadnought bodies + 1 claw arm, 1 saw arm, 1 pump gun, 1 flamer, 1 ion blaster, 1 grenade launcher, 1 Gatling Gun, and 1 Assault Drill

**** Applies to all pledge levels (and that means any pledge, of any value!) will receive a free Limited Edition Grub and a free Egg base. 1 of each per person.

***** All those who pledge $25 or higher will receive a thank you present: either 10x25mm bases, or choice of 3 alien in 30-40mm base size range (this would include Swarm Adults, Swarm Adult Warriors, Stealth Swarm Adults, Hosts, Grubs, Alien hunters of both type). You choose your gift.

****** Everyone who has pledged $25+ will receive $20 credit ($40 for Queen level) added to their first pledge level – this is per person credit. This will allow you to ‘buy’ some more miniatures (use their add-on value to work out what you can get). Also Ed will allow the credit to be used over on the TFM store (I’ll update this when I know how that is going to be handled).

This is a rough list of miniature scales that we have so far (thanks Caffiene). There may change as the concepts are developed.
References to a “section”, or a pledge description, mean the main kickstarter page.

  • Grub worm:
  • Swarm adult:
    • “Grub level 3” pledge description: 30mm Tall
    • 14th Nov: 25-30mm base
    • 31st Oct: Probably 40m base, otherwise 25mm
    • 17th Oct: 32mm tall, 25mm base
  • Host:
    • “Host” pledge description: 35-40mm Tall
    • 22nd Oct: 40-45mm Tall, 40mm Base
    • 17th Oct: Probably 40mm base
  • Swarm adult warrior:
  • Limited edition Host:
  • Hound:
  • Sky hunter flyer:
  • Queen:
    • 29th Oct: 50mm Tall & 80-100mm Long
    • $18k stretch goal section: 54mm tall and around 80mm long
  • Wyrm:
  • Fiend:
  • Stealth swarm adult:
  • Larva swarm:
  • Drone:
  • Swarm Master (v2, v3):
  • Overlord:
    • “Overlord kit” pledge description, $36k stretch goal section picture caption: 120mm Base
    • Nov 13th: At least 6 inches, maybe 8 depending on wing fit, 120mm base
  • Cannon Drone:
    • $38k stretch goal section: 3-4 Inches Long, 120mm Base
  • Goliath Wyrm:
    • $40k stretch goal section: 6-8 Inches Tall, 120mm Base
  • Carnage Hound:
  • Queen Guard:
  • Egg Nest (20 eggs):
  • Limited Edition Grub:
    • “Kickstarter Limited Miniature #1” section: Around 50mm Tall
  • Dreadnought:
    • “Add on #2” section: 50mm base
    • 10th Nov: Around 45-50mm tall
  • LE Egg base:
    • $27k stretch goal section picture caption: 40mm base
  • Alien Hunters:


  • The first 200 pledges will receive 5 bases free, or you can swap all those 5 bases for a grub, an LE grub, or a Host.
  • Collector level now receives one free hound!
  • 5 additional bases to every order that buys 2 or more pledge level worth of bases.

Changing you pledge
Once you make a pledge you can use the ‘manage your pledge‘ to add the extra funds to cover the add-ons, or multiple pledge levels.

Unfortunately Kickstarter doesn’t allow you to pick more than one pledge, or pick add-ons, so there’s a bit of a workaround: when the Kickstarter is done all pledgers will receive a survey, and this is how Ed will collect the information on which add-ons you wanted, and who many pledge levels you took (you can change your mind, but you will be limited to what you pledged!) Make sure you pledge enough to cover what you want.

Trading (tailoring your pledge to exactly what you want)
You can swap up to half the original value of a pledge. This is the actual value of the pledge, not the total value of all the miniatures within a pledge.

Example: The Host pledge is $50, so you can trade $25 worth miniatures. Whereas the value of all the miniatures within the pledge is well over $100+.

Trades are made using the miniatures add-on value (see the above table). You can swap one or more miniatures of a given value for an equal value of miniatures. Ed has said there will be some leeway, Ed gave this example;

Ed says: So say you want to trade for stuff from the host you get $25 to trade, however you want a drone. I’ll let you trade $30 worth to get that drone no problem. You want alien hunters instead of all big critters and want to trade them I’ll let you do that as well. I will work with you on this.

Garage kits are worth $80.

Please bear in mind that prices drop and this will affect their trade value. Check regularly and keep your pledge up to date to ensure you get what you want.

Example: If you take the Garage kit pledge; you could swap out the Host garage kit for $80 of other miniatures, and still keep the Swarm Adult garage kit, and Hound garage kit. $80 will get you 20 Swarm Adult Warriors ($4) – but if we hit stretch goal #8, the value of the Swarm Adult Warriors drops to $3, so trading in the Host garage kit would net you 26 Adult Swarm Warriors. There’s a little left over ($2, perhaps some bases?).

Example: The Queen was $15, but when we broke through to stretch goal #7 she dropped to $12. At $15 you could have traded her in for 15 grubs, but now she is only worth 12 grubs.
To add to the whirlwind – after stretch goal #6 at $15 she could be traded in for 3 Swarm Adult Warriors at ($4), but at stretch goal #8 this would rise to 5 Swarm Adult Warriors ($3). So keep your eyes open as we knock down these stretch goals!

To trade in miniatures for bases; the add-on price for bases is the same as the bases pledge levels.

Example: The $15 pledge level: ‘8 Trollcast bases of your choice in the round or square at 40mm’ counts as a $15 add-on for trading using the above rules. This means you could trade in 15 grubs ($1 each) for 8 40mm bases (assuming those grubs are from a larger pledge, and are less than half the pledge value).

Notice: You cannot trade miniatures using their add-on value for pledge levels (other than the ‘base’ pledges mentioned above).

Example: You cannot pick a Queen level pledge and trade in half its value ($100) to buy 2 Host pledges ($50 each).

Notice for Host Pledgers: This is a fantastic deal, and as such there are special limits. if you take multiple Host pledges you can only trade with one of them.

Example: if you take 3 Host pledges – you can only trade miniatures from one of them, and it’s limited to $25. The other 2 Host pledges cannot be traded and are set in stone. Please note that you can still upgrade all the Host bases to decorative bases for $25 per pledge ($75 to upgrade all 3 Host pledges in this example).

International Shipping
International pledges have shipping costs (US pledges have it included in the price). Please do not forget to include the extra cost of shipping in your pledge – there is a note on each pledge level for international shipping.

  • Stacking pledges: If you pick more than one pledge, and you are an international pledge, there is a special deal for you; each extra pledge level you take after the first, you only have to add $2.00. The first pledge has to be the most expensive on, so a simple formula is;
    • Add shipping for most expensive pledge, +$2 for each pledge after that.
    • If you have two, or more, of your ‘most expensive pledge’, only one counts. The others come in at $2 each.
    • Example: 3 Host pledge levels, $8 for first ‘most expensive pledge’, +$2 +$2 = $12 for international shipping.
  • Add-ons: All add-ons include the shipping in the price. Any miniature brought as an add-on ships for ‘free’ even on international orders (you still need to make as least one pledge!).
  • Free Shipping: The Queen ($200), and the Garage Kit ($220) pledge level remove all international shipping costs.

Thanks to Trodax for the original table, John (Pole) Owen for this handy calculator, and everyone who who spread the word and supporting us with pledges!

Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter


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