KS Metal Master – Fiend

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Kickstarter progress update. Metal Masters are used to make the moulds for Trollcasting;

Ed saysOk so I have gotten a few questions about masters and what I’m talking about etc. I wanted to show off what I’m doing with the masters for you so parts fit very well and tightly. When you cut a figure up you always need some attention to cuts but I also fine tune them into metal masters to make it better. It also prevents issues in the future if a mold does not work properly or breaks down etc. Then we have a master for life.

Here is the fiend in metal and all of the masters are made in a similar way. This is the last production mold I have to finish after I squeeze these bases in so we can ship wave one etc. The wyrm is done and now I’ll be rtving the bases making resin masters for the creation for metal masters. Due to vulcanizing you have to take a couple steps but it’s worth it long run.


KS WIP – Bases

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Kickstarter WIP update;

Rocky Ground

Rocky Ground Bases: update #100

Cracked Slate

Cracked Slate Bases: update #102

Alien Terrain Bases

Alien Terrain Bases: update #103

Pledge Buy Out Market

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Queen- ready to master - 1Hello all,

We have been asked by a few people if they buy into our Kickstarter.  Some backers, due of unforeseen circumstances, want to sell theirs. So we have set up a special page;

The Pledge Market

On the Pledge Market you can buy pledges that are on offer using PayPal. Each pledge on offer is a one time deal (stock is set to ‘1’) and once sold it is gone for good.

Contact us
There are several ways to contact us if you wish to ask specific questions.

The most direct is to use the ‘contact me‘ link (next to Ed’s photo) over on the Kickstarter. You can use Facebook to log into Kickstarter if you do not have a Kickstarter account.

If you do not have a Kickstarter or Facebook account please use our contact form.

If you have any other questions please post a comment below (like an ad hoc FAQ)

Thanks for your support!


The Pledge Market

KS Trollcast – Adult Swarm Adult Samples

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Kickstarter WIP update;

Ed saysNow on to a update for you to see our next run of the line in trollcast. The adult swarm here were a test run and they are building the stock of these now to cover what we assume will be a minimum to start with. I was very happy with how they turned out and hope you are as well.

KS WIP – Queen ready to master

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Kickstarter WIP update;

Ed saysOk fast update final parts tacked in place before I cut her up and mold for masters next week. I’ll try and get shots of the Fiend in plastic next but that could be a little bit longer than a week so I might drop some shots of the warriors or the stealth swarm. 🙂

This is my favorite head but I still have to add the tiny mandibles and the spines in between the head crest yet. I took these this morning before I did those last details, oops.

Ed saysI’m changing the hands this week. I am going to go a bit more like the art instead as these seem to be getting misstook and now looking at them I dislike them as well. They looked good in person but on the web not so much.

KS Trollcast – Grub Worms

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Kickstarter WIP update;

Ed saysHere are examples of the grubs glued quickly together, no clean up. I snapped a set off and glued them to bases just as examples for you. We are casting up loads of wave one stuff right now and I’m fairly certain I’ll get the queen in there also. She was the most complex of all the figures honestly. Took me a lot longer with her than expected.

Anyway here you can see some shots of them and also a big stick of grubs spun up. We stack these onto pegs for them to take up less space as we work. I’m sorry I have yet to get to all the emails and questions. I’m extremely busy getting your wave one stuff all molded and cleaned while still sculpting for wave 2 and 3. If all goes well we might just need 2 waves.

Thanks everyone and I’ll get pics of the queen next with arms and her other head.

KS WIP – Queen with fatter body!

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Kickstarter WIP update;

Ed saysI might work this into wave one. 😉