Proposed PayPal Kickstarter button list

Hi all,

As you know the Kickstarter ended and Ed and I are putting together a page over on the store where you can grab Kickstarter pledge bundles and add-ons using PayPal.

The preview page it up : PayPal Kickstarter, but it doesn’t have any buttons. This is where you come in – I need your feedback!

I need to know if I missed anything, if you think it’s fair, or anything else you think will help make this off-shoot project a success.

Below is the revised list I sent of to Ed.

Please post your feed back in the comments over on Kickstarter (put ‘@ PhilipS -‘ at the front of your comment), or post it here (if you post it here it will be queued for moderation and will not turn up right away!)

Please note: I’ve removed all the Limited edition (Kickstarter only) stuff, and the credits for the higher pledges.

4 Buttons

The idea is to break down all the Kickstarter stuff into four multi-choice PayPal buttons (like the ones in the store). You can add as many items from each button as your like. It will also be possible to not use the pledge button so you can grab only add-ons if you wish.

Pledges button

Collector $25

Host $50

Host + upgrade $75

Swarm $110

Swarm + upgrade $140

Queen $200

Queen + upgrade $235

Alien Hunter Unit $62

Alien Hunter Unit + upgrade $80

Alien Hunter Support $105

Alien Hunter Support + upgrade $130

[Note: I’ll make it clear on the store page that ‘upgrade’ means upgrading the bases]

[Note: I also included an upgrade for the Alien Hunter unit costing $18 – this has not been approved by Ed!]

Bases button

20x25mm (Round) Trollcast bases $10

20x25mm [Square] Trollcast bases $10

8x40mm (Round) Trollcast bases $15

8x40mm [Square] Trollcast bases $15

6x50mm (Round) Trollcast bases $15

6x50mm [Square] Trollcast bases $15

[ $25 “20 Trollcast bases in the 25mm size along with 8 40mm size bases” – 4 variants]

20x25mm (Round) + 8x40mm (Round) Trollcast bases $25

20x25mm [Square] + 8x40mm (Round) Trollcast bases $25

20x25mm (Round) + 8x40mm [Square] Trollcast bases $25

20x25mm [Square] + 8x40mm [Square] Trollcast bases $25

[Note: () and [] brackets added after feedback – thanks Aaron!]

Alien Swarm – Add-ons button

Egg Nest (20 eggs) $15

Larva Swarm (? base) $5

Grub wyrm 1 $1

Grub wyrm 2 $1

Grub wyrm 3 $1

Wyrm $20

Fiend $20

Host $1

Swarm Adult $2

Swarm Adult Warrior $3

Stealth Swarm Adult $4

Hound $3

Sky Hunter $6

Queen (variant 1) $12

Queen (variant 2) $12

Drone $30

Cannon Drone $30

Swarm Master (variant 1) $10

Swarm Master (variant 2) $10

Swarm Master (Variant 3) $10

Overlord (variant 1) $30

Overlord (variant 2) $30

Overlord (Variant 3) $30

Goliath Wyrm $40

Carnage Hounds $15

Alien Hunters – add-ons button

Alien Hunter $3

15 Alien Hunter random mix $29

30 Alien Hunter random mix $40

Heavy weapons Alien Hunter $3

Heavy Weapons Team $10

1 Power Armor Alien Hunter $5

5 Power Armor Alien Hunters $25

10 Power Armor Alien Hunters $45

Dreadnought +4 extra arms $25

Dreadnought double bundle $45

‘Alien’ Alien Hunters $4

Kickstarter Pledge Adjustment button

[User variable amount]

Uses a PayPal donate button so you can choose how much to ‘donate’. There is a note system on PayPal so please add in details to link it to your pledge (KS ID and email address)


4 Responses to “Proposed PayPal Kickstarter button list”

  1. anthony caryl Says:

    I’d like a button to ‘upgrade’ the pledge I’ve already made to decorative bases

    • I take it you mean a pledge made through Kickstarter? I suppose we could add some ‘Kickstarter Pledger Only’ buttons to upgrade pledges already make.

  2. alfred howe Says:

    Have just joined kickstarter (June 2013) and came across your project under the archives whilst looking for ideas for RPG currently under design. Although have tried trollforged cannot find retail links for you new kickstarter alien figures. What is the current situation with buying into this range.



    • The PayPal-Kickstarter page was a limited offer which ended on the 18th March 2013. All the PayPal buttons were subsequently removed.

      However – all the alien miniatures will be coming to our store, and the ‘first wave’ it due soon. The first wave includes the grubs, hosts, swarm adult, hound, and all the bases.

      The LE egg base, and LE Grub Worm are Kickstarter exclusives and will not be offered in the store.


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