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This is a list of members who contribute to TFM.

Ed Fortae (Hive Trygon)

Troll Forge was started by Ed Fortae (Hive Trygon) and will continue to add new members. I am very happy to introduce several important people to me. The next few artists are people I respect and admire with all my heart. I have always wanted to become a miniature sculptor but lets face it, this is probably one of the least known careers out there and very hard to break in to. I had very little help starting out and learned a lot through trial and error. The thing I’m most happy about with Troll Forged is helping out other aspiring artists begin their careers. If you wish to become part of the staff please contact me or post your submissions on the forum. Thanks again for your continued support.

I began my sculpting career as an artist inspired by architecture and non-traditional materials. I then began to work in the field and began to see 28mm artists in commercial situations and was amazed at their skill. I have since been hooked on the skill and process of 28mm sculpting. You can view my old fine art here to see the massive change I have made with my art. Switching from large abstract sculpture to small conceptual products.

Ed Fortae
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Personal Website: Hive Trygon’s ‘workbench’ Blog


I’m Nightsword, I’m 19 years old and I’m studying Business Studies at the University of the West of England in Bristol, England. I landed a role as a painter for Troll Forged by cheekily suggesting that I’d love to paint one of his fantastically sculpted kits. What’s great about it is I got away with it!

As a painter, my favorite artist would have to be the almighty Darren Latham of ‘eavy metal fame, who without having sent me a kind email, I probably would never have had any confidence to push on and try to better myself. Vincent Hudon is probably one of my best inspirations too, literally learning to paint as he went on to create the slayer sword winning Magamatrax, and creating a guide which taught me so much of what I know now. Without knowing it, I owe most of my talents to these two people, though I’d also like to shout-out to the forum members of Troll Forged who believe in me and to Putty and Layne-in-Spayne on Warseer for their continued support.

On a personal level, I’m a golden demon aspirant and believe in the philosophy of always pushing the boundaries, and I intend on creating the best looking figures for Troll Forged Miniatures. I’m open to new techniques, and love constructive criticism. Anything that makes me the best is accepted.



“I started off when 2nd edition 40k was released in my early teens and ashamedly bought every game and race released by GW. By day I work in the Investment industry and by night (when I’m not behaving like Glen Quagmire, posing at the gym or boozing in Edinburgh bar’s) I lead a quiet life as a closet nerd.

No time for gaming these days but I have a long list of sculpting projects to fill the odd quiet weeknight”

TFM Blog tag: Icesword
Personal Website: IceSword Studios


My name’s Eric Lambert, I come from Belgium, I’m a 35 years old father of 3 children. I bought my first miniature when I was 15, a Citadel Chaos Warrior. I played Warhammer and Warhammer 40K for 10 years then (Chaos, Eldar, Tyranids, Dark Eldar), along with various roleplaying games (AD&D, Star Wars, Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, Hawkmoon, …). Then I had no more time to play but I always went on collecting. In 2003 my interest moved to painting and converting miniatures, a thing I had never done before. I always asked friends to paint my stuff and only focused on strategy when I was playing. But I learned by watching great painters and converters all over the net. Now my only goal is to make the stuff I like, and I’m very happy that I actually succeed 🙂

I have to thank the Warpshadow community as it was (and still is !) a great inspiration for me, thanks to Hydra, Moloch, M_Pink, Wormwood, Entomologist, HFProvidence,… and Hivetrygon again 😉

I only develop monstrous creatures, demons and gribbly aliens, Cthulhu is my main influence. I have no favorite painter but I have been one of the guys who contacted Hivetrygon to tell him how much I like his stuff and to ask him to produce minis, … we know the rest of the story, a dream coming true, so I’m very happy to be here with Ed and the bunch of other talented people here.

My collaboration is limited to painting a few pieces, but I’ll start sculpting a full mini soon !


My name’s Mark Wood, I’m 39 years old, married and the father of two very young boys. I currently reside in a part of Montana that has no game stores.

I’ve had some formal training in art and design, which has served me well as a hobbyist. Since the early 80’s I’ve been engaged in one dice driven game or another, and producing artwork pertaining to those games. I discovered mini converting a couple of years ago and got hooked. Lately I’ve been helping online friends with inspirational creature illustrations, but I intend to delve into full fledged mini sculpting soon.


John Connor was New Zealand born, but currently resides in the North-West of England. He is a Scottish Laird, owning a square foot of land in the Loch Borralan estate.

John got into miniature wargaming in ’96/7, mostly focussing on the painting side, but it wasn’t until 2007 that he tried his hand at sculpting. A lucky encounter with Hive Trygon saw his first ever full sculpt available to you through Troll Forged Miniatures, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Aside from the wargaming aspect, John enjoys amassing swords and crossbows, has a bass guitar he can’t play, loves travelling, and talks about himself in the third person.

Malika here,

Been into wargaming, modelling and all that for about a decade now. Started off with Warhammer Fantasy Battle and 40k, later on also tried to explore some other stuff. Nowadays I’m not so much into modelling anymore, partly due to being occupied with my studies, music but also the Anargo Sector Project. The stuff I do work on can be considered “alternative modelling” as in that the stuff is primarily made from bits found in every day life, be it the insides of radios, pens or even vast quantities of glue.

I’m in love with Peruvian cuisine (especially the raw fish dishes like ceviche, so if you want to make Malika a happy camper…) and things that make loud noises!



Hi, build here, also known on a few other forums as Rikard. I first started working with green stuff round about the age of 22 and made a huge mess with my first attempt. I slowly practiced and experiment and steady built my skill sculpting my first scratch build at 25 (now 26). Since then I have had my work featured in Gamesworkshops collector guides and on display in art galleries. Having tried new tools, styles and sculpts I am finally trying my hand at cast pieces.

Arran Lewis,

I’ve had a keen interest in monsters since my early childhood. From age 2 I have been obsessed with dinosaurs, palaeontology and prehistoric beasties in general. My other interests include archaeology, physics, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, classical civilizations and various mythologies. My favorite literary sources include the works of H. P. Lovecraft, J. R. R. Tolkien and the Dark Tower cycle by Stephen King (a truly mind blowing adventure that like a good wine improves with age). I was introduced to miniature wargaming on my first day at middle school via White Dwarf and was immediately captivated by the assault cannon on the newly re designed space marine dreadnought and chaos demons. My work is predominantly in the form of conceptual sketches though I am also working on an extensive range of sculpts. I take pride in the amount of research that goes into many of my designs as I understand that even a lay person can spot when something doesn’t look quite natural and believe the extra effort shows in the finished work. I’ve been known to have more ideas than I know what to do with and I’m always willing to offer help and advice to other budding sculptors (whether they want it or not). I have a tendency to specialize in Demons, Monsters and the Undead as that’s what fires me up but I do plan to expand my portfolio as I go along. I keep project logs on a couple of forums under the alias of ‘Borak’ or ‘Lord Mayor of Y’ha-nthlei’ where feedback is always welcome.

Kyte (Jonas Ballegaard Plass),

Profession: Studying at Køge Gymnasium at the moment. I’d like to become either an actor or a teacher

Time in hobby: I bought my first miniatures (some plastic skeletons and skinks) back in 1996, because I thought of them as Heroes of Might and Magic Toys, But I began playing warhammer about 4 or 5 years ago, around the time of the Eye of Terror 40K campaign and 6th ed beastmen army book was released.
Time sculpting/converting: Since I was a child, I always liked sculpting stuff in Fimo and other putties. I always sculpted copies of the toys I couldn’t afford. At the age of 8 or 9 years, I sculpted all the pokemons in fimo for instance. I really started working with greenstuff a few years ago, and in December 2006, I sculpted my first whole mini, a huge Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, which some of you will probably remember from my age-old blog on The Ogre Stronghold.

Favourite Sculptor: Ikim from The Ogre Stronghold kind of inspired me to start converting my minis in the first place, and even though he’s not known for his sculpting, he has always been one of my greatest sources of inspirations.

Favorite Miniature: That must be the GW Champion of Tzeentch with the strange bird face. That model lead my first chaos army, and won me a beginners tournament, when I first started playing.

Thing most proud of: The Stewart Copeland drumstick and Sting pick, I caught from The Police live Reunion Tour in 2007… On a serious note, my newest sculpt is always my best one.

Philip S

I’m Philip Sibbering – artist, designer and information manager. I chip in with new ideas on how to expand the project and implement ideas that receive the thumbs up from Ed. This is all done to match product presentation to the public and community infrastructure to the revolutionary concept of TFM. I aim to free up Ed from ‘information management’ to concentrate on building the TFM (sculpting and ‘Cast On Demand’) business.

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