Buy our Kickstarter goodies using PayPal

Hi all,

Our Kickstarter has been fantastically successful. Now Ed, Brain, and I are working on delivering into reality all those wonderful concepts drawn up by Des Hanley, and sorting out surveys etc. Things are a little hectic at the moment (Ed’s finishing up some more Red Box miniatures, with even more are on schedule for other companies!).

Unfortunately a lot of people couldn’t pledge on Kickstarter for a variety of reasons, and have expressed interest in supporting (and getting there hands on all that loot!).

After a bit of discussion in the comments on Kickstarter, and gathering feedback,  Ed thought there was enough interest for me to pursue some PayPal option outside of Kickstarter using our store cart.

So I created the  Kickstarter PayPal page!

Double checked by our super helpful Pledgers (thanks again!) – it all seems to be there. So grab yourself some insane bargains : the Queen level pledge is the cream of the crop (that went crazy when we hit the higher stretch goals, but Swarm and Host are still fantastic value (indeed the Host Pledge was number one until Stretch goal, um, #8? – it’s still a bit of a blur!)

TFM Store Kickstater PayPal page


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